GAINESVILLE, Fla., November 6, 2013 — Sheila Rochelle, founder of SheilaShine Cleaning Service, is a success story of Gainesville Housing Authority’s Job Training and Entrepreneurial Program (JTEP).

The program’s goal is to provide individuals facing economic adversity and in public housing with opportunities to gain skills that help them become self-sufficient, financially secure, and move out of public housing. Some apprentices, like Rochelle, start businesses.

Rochelle, after running a cleaning service off and on for eight years, enrolled in JTEP in 2012. She then completed a series of painting and entrepreneurial workshops, and used her new skills to take her business SheilaShine to the next level, including signing long-term contracts with three other local companies.

“I first started cleaning with my mother when I was six years old,” says Rochelle. “I worked with her until I was about twelve.”

In addition to providing cleaning services, Rochelle creates employment opportunities for other economically challenged individuals, and also serves as a mentor.

She explains, “I have three employees. I train them on safety, basic cleaning, and painting.”Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Now, Rochelle has moved on from public housing and is renting to own a three-bedroom home. In the future, Rochelle wishes to incorporate SheilaShine and hire more employees.

“I want to bring home at least $50,000,” adds Rochelle.

About Gainesville Housing Authority (GHA)
Since 1966, Gainesville Housing Authority has advocated for and provided affordable housing for eligible individuals and families. GHA works closely with the U.S. Department of HUD, the City of Gainesville, and area agencies and organizations. Strategic collaborations allow the organization to provide many services and opportunities to residents and the entire community. GHA aims to help residents achieve self-sufficiency by building their own wealth they move out of public housing.

About Job Training and Entrepreneurial Program (JTEP)
Launched in April 2012, Gainesville Housing Authority’s JTEP was designed for public housing residents and Section 8 participants to provide individuals facing economic adversity with opportunities to gain valuable skills and experience in order to become self-sufficient and obtain financial security.

About SheilaShine Cleaning Service
SheilaShine Cleaning Service, founded in 2012, provides high-quality cleaning and painting services in Gainesville, Florida and surrounding companies. Notable clients include Saul Silber Properties, LLC. and Paradigm Properties Management Team, Inc.

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