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Incorporated October 2014, Gainesville Housing Development and Management Corporation (GHDMC) is a Florida not-for-profit formed to provide, develop and manage affordable housing opportunities and properties for low-income persons and families primarily located in Gainesville, Florida, and surrounding areas.

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GHDMC advocates, collaborates, and develops quality affordable homes and sustainable communities.


GHDMC will be the leader in creating affordable housing opportunities.

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Latest Acquisition

Built in 2004 on 1.5-acre acres, Stone Hill Townhomes comprises four buildings with a total of 18 units, including eight 2-bedroom/2.5-bath units and 10 3-bedroom/2.5-bath units equaling 23,772 square feet. The townhomes offer patios, ceiling fans, washer/dryer hookups and central HVAC systems. We serve individuals and families of all ages and various races. One of our goals is to help create more affordable workforce housing for those who make 40-80 percent of the local area median income (AMI).

New Developments

We are developing new housing units for those with special needs, including elderly, disabled and veterans individuals, by May 2019. The property is located on a vacant lot off SE 4th Avenue near the VA Honor Center. All proceeds from our first fundraiser will benefit this project.

Other Developments

GHDMC also acquires and rehabs single family homes for workforce housing needs in our community as families continue to struggle seeking both quality and affordable homes.

Thank you to this project’s recent supporters!

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Resident Empowerment Housing Preservation (REHP) Program

GHDMC seeks to fill the gap in affordable housing for those in the workforce who make 40-80 percent of the area median income (AMI). These individuals are dubbed the “working poor” – teachers, firefighters, and other essential service personnel – those who may not necessarily qualify for public housing or receiving vouchers. We see one successful avenue in shifting this reality through a new resident empowerment program via skill training that will enable residents to jump start a new business which then can allow them to own their first home and preserve it for longevity. This empowers individuals and families while enriching the community as well.

Funding helps to diversify the increased demand for skilled labor and foster community development while capturing the opportunity to preserve or even acquire new affordable housing opportunities. Our objective is to promote pathways to economic empowerment for individuals and families working to achieve self-sufficiency. REHPP’s goals consist of assisting our residents in achieving self-sustenance by furthering their soft-skill training along with offering training for starting their own business in order to attain economic growth and financial security.

The latest rehab project is a single family residence located in Lincoln Estates. Built in 1968, the property features 4 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms and 1,092 square feet of living space. 

The home was designated as a donation property by the City and selected by GHDMC to be used for meeting local community affordable housing needs.

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GHDMC President Pamela Davis and Danny Gilliland of CenterState Bank

GHDMC President Pamela Davis and Danny Gilliland of CenterState Bank.

Pamela Davis with Community Bank & Trust of Florida representatives

Davis with Madeleine Mills (left) and John Roberts, vice president of Community Bank & Trust of Florida (right).