Explore our staff directory. To reach staff, please contact us at:

Main Phone Number: (352) 872-5500
Main Fax Number: (352) 872-5501
TDD Number: (352) 872-5503

Michelle Beans
Chief Operating Officer
Extension: 7117

Michelle Daniels
Records Retention
Extension: 7116

Pamela Davis
Chief Executive Officer
Extension: 7119

R. Exavier 
Compliance Officer
Extension: 7111

Malcolm Kiner
VP of Development – GHDMC
Extension: 7135

Michelle Dorlean
Executive Assistant
Extension: 7118

Angela Donley
Staff Accountant
Extension: 7131

Laura Alaverz
HVCP Admin Clerk
Extension: 7110

Richard Davenport
HCVP Coordinator
Extension: 7127

Charles England
Housing Inspector
Extension: 7124

Leslee Highsmith
HCVP Coordinator
Extension: 7107

Freddie Jones
HCVP Coordinator
Extension: 7108

Jacinta Justice
Intake Specialist
Extension: 7112

Terry Larsen 
HCVP Coordinator
Extension: 7126

Amber Moats
Housing Inspector
Extension: 7109

Jenni Perryman
HCVP Coordinator
Extension: 7102

Kasey Tabor
HCVP Manager
Extension: 7120

Jasima Washington
Housing Coordinator
Extension: 7501

Vince Marino
Building Manager
Extension: 7113

Stephen Burse
Inventory Control Clerk
Extension: 7121

Wendell Scott
Senior Maintenance Mechanic
Extension: 7133

Shane Tyler
Facilities Manager
Extension: 7115

Larry Pryor
Procurement Officer
Extension: 7132

Lavera Davis
Public Housing Coordinator
Extension: 7122

Angela Jones
Public Housing Asset Manager
Extension: 7122

Princess Howard
Tenant Accounting Technician
Extension: 7109

Ebony James
Public Housing Coordinator
Extension: 7301

Elizabeth Livingston
Public Housing Coordinator
Extension: 7503

Keshia Coleman
Intake Specialist – Public Housing
Extension: 7302

Danielle Butler
Resident Services Specialist
Extension: 7105

Tina Folston-Hayes
Resident Services Manager
Extension: 7103

Marilyn Roberts
Employment Specialist
Extension: 7108

Nakeria Watkins
Community Clerk
Extension: 7304