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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act, your child is invited to join GHA for special reading of the book, “When Chocolate Milk Moved In,” by Ken Harvey. The book examines ethical, moral, diversity and life-values lessons. Following story time, children will be treated to an ice cream social. We will also announce the winners of the Fair Housing Poster Contest.

If you wish for your child to attend this event and/or are in need of transportation assistance, please contact Resident Services Coordinator Sylvia James at 352-872-5500 ext. 7135 by Wednesday, April 18.

Book summary

The residents of this magical refrigerator live peacefully together until a newcomer arrives in the fridge. But the Odor Boys, always sniffing for trouble, suggest maybe there is something wrong with the new arrival because he looks different. Now it’s up to the wise Icicle Pops to teach their friends a valuable lesson about love and diversity.


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