Landlord Workshops


In order to fully illustrate the Housing Choice Voucher Program, Gainesville Housing Authority offers workshops for property owners and property management agencies.

These workshops are intended to assist property owners/managers in fully understanding the Section 8 process. During the workshops key topics are covered, such as Tenant and Property Owner/Manager Responsibilities, HQS Inspections, Section 8 forms, Standard Office Procedures, Fraud and Fair Housing. These workshops also allow the properties, owner/manager to have questions answered regarding the Section 8 program.

Workshops are hosted three times per year at Gainesville Housing Authority located at 1900 SE 4th Street, Gainesville, FL 32641. Dates will be posted below for your convenience.

  • Reservations to attend landlord workshops should be made by contacting Sheryl Shemet at
  • Current or potential landlords can request a meeting anytime to discuss the HCV program by contacting (352) 872 – 5500